Opening: LEED/GREEN Building Sales Representative

Company: Bluegill Energy

Location: Katy, TX

Job Overview: This position will be responsible for capturing new sales opportunities and managing energy efficiency projects.

Company Overview: Bluegill Energy provides innovative products, consulting, and professional energy efficiency services to consumers and businesses who are seeking ways to lessen their energy consumption and  lower their utility costs.

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Opening: Supplier Development Manager

Company: AREVA Solar

Location: Mountain View, CA

Job Overview: This position will be responsible for developing and managing a supply base for the manufacturing and installation of solar steam generators.

Company Overview: AREVA Solar, a part of AREVA Renewable Inc., has a very large international market with unique technology and service offerings. AREVA Solar exists to deliver turnkey CSP and CPV projects using advanced technology solutions.

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hawaiian island solar

Opening: Solar Energy Consultant (Outside Sales)

Company: Hawaiian Island Solar

Location: Kailua, HI

Job Overview: This position will be responsible for selling solar PV systems to residential customers.

Company Overview: Hawaiian Island Solar, Hawaii’s leading solar provider, serves the very best in solar technology and customer service.

Read full job details & apply here.

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Opening: Solar Energy Installation Trainer

Company: Southface

Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Overview: This position will be responsible for modifying the of solar training curriculum for the state of Georgia. Once the curriculum is established, the trainers will deliver the trainings on a contract basis.

Company Overview: Southface is a nonprofit organization that for more than 30 years has promoted energy-, water- and resource-efficient workplaces, homes and communities throughout the Southeast.

Read full job details & apply here.

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hawaiian island solarAs the solar industry continues to grow, solar companies face increasing competition and challenges in finding experienced people with the right skills. To get a better idea of what’s happening on the recruiting side of the solar business, we prepared a short questionnaire asking various solar companies what qualities they look for in an ideal candidate.

After successfully kicking off our Q&A series with Standard Solar a couple of months ago, Hawaiian Island Solar is up next in our ongoing survey. Hawaiian Island Solar is Hawaii’s leading solar provider, serving Hawaiians with the very best in solar technology and customer service. We asked Mike Benes, Sales Manager at Hawaiian Island Solar, for his thoughts.

Which job position in the solar industry is in high demand right now?
SALES REP – the best sales reps in the world should be in solar right now.

What can an applicant do to set themselves apart from other applicants?
They should have a professional resume that describes their sales background. Be willing to take on risks in the form of commission-based pay, and be well-rounded in areas of marketing and computer literacy.

Generally, how many years of industry experience is preferred?
Anywhere from zero and up.

What kinds of experience, knowledge, and background are useful in the industry (ex. type of degree, industry knowledge, etc.)?
Marketing, business, engineering, and economics.

What are the most common training and certifications in the solar industry?
- Hawaii Energy Approved Contractor
- Member of Hawaii Solar Energy Association
- Licensed Contractor for solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, plumbing and electric

What are some of the key factors you look for in an applicant’s resume and cover letter?
A background in sales – preferably direct sales. In addition, computer literacy, marketing skills, signs of intelligence, ethics, ability to learn quickly, perseverance, hard work ethic, ability to think on feet, down-to-earth attitude, and a passion for solar/sales is key.  Also – correct format and spelling!

Any interview suggestions and tips to help applicants?
Be yourself.

We’d like to thank Hawaiian Island Solar for participating in our survey.

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Video: The 2009 Solar Decathlon

September 2, 2009

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, The Solar Decathlon gathers 20 college and university teams around the nation in a competition to design, build, and operate the most progressive and energy-efficient solar-powered house.  
Competition aside, The Solar Decathlon is also a public event that strives to raise awareness among the general public about renewable [...]

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With “Solar Skin,” Just Set and Inflate

September 1, 2009

Expanding the grid of solar design, the designers at Studio Formwork designed a lightweight, inflatable solar panel concept called “Solar Skin” that can provide energy to any building without the expense of costly renovations. 
How does it work? Each white foam eye-shaped component holds thin-film solar cells printed on flexible mylar and lined on inflatable polymer. [...]

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Leaf, the Wearable Solar Phone

August 14, 2009

Finalist at the prestigious 2009 International Design Award (IDEA), the “Leaf,” designed by South Korean designers Seungkyun Woo & Junyi Heo, is a wearable bracelet phone inspired by photosynthesis.
With solar cells on the front for easy charging, and a cradle charger that utilizes solar cells, this phone is definitely hot!
more details here.

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A Waterpod Floats in NY

August 13, 2009

Housing four New York-based artists, the Waterpod is a floating sculptural living structure that is making its way around NY. Powered by electricity generated from a mix of solar, wind, and bicycle power, the Waterpod is providing the pubic with performance art shows and workshops that highlight the artists’ unique sustainable lifestyle.
The Waterpod is currently [...]

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“SOLON” Sets Sail

August 12, 2009

Berlin’s first solar-powered passenger ship, the “SOLON,” set sail in Germany’s capital city today. Driven soley by the sun, the ship can carry up to 60 people and will cruise on Berlin’s waterways providing tours of the city. 
SOLON SE, one of the largest solar module manufacturers in Europe, and to which the ship is named [...]

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